Agriculture Fleet Managements

Agriculture equipment’s and machineries are always work on dynamic environment in the life. With GPS tracking software from VST will provide the enhanced fleet management solutions to monitor the location of your machinery, protect its condition, simplify the operation of your business, and maximize your return on investment.
Our IoT enabled solution makes it possible to have access to track real time information about your equipments. VST provides critical information about your agricultural equipment so you have planned , practical approach and can reduce the time and money you spend.
VST customized geo fencing solutions offers you to calculate the cost, invoicing based history of the area ploughed or harvested etc.

» Fleet tracking can also help to organize your land and crops, ensuring that each area is getting the specific attention it requires based on the soli condition . Using our systems we can be programmed to arrange your land based on a system of geofences , schedule harvesting , storage .Geo violation alert , idle time , area covered, ignition on /off, tilt etc


» VST device data acquisition can be configurable from 5sec to upto 24 hrs on position, speed, trip distance/time, speeding, idling, and much more. Affordable, reliable, and mobile friendly .


» Another benefits of VST Vehicle Tracking System in the agriculture industry is enhanced analytics potential. Using time / location / vehicle data for each component of your fleet to compliment observations about your production and quality will enhance your reporting and analytics efforts.