On-board diagnostics (OBD) is a computer-based self-diagnostic, monitoring, and reporting system built into automobiles to monitor the performance of the various engine components and emission system components. OBD systems provide access to the status of various vehicle sub systems. This information can be utilized by the vehicle owner, driver, repair technician or testing authority to test and evaluate the condition and performance of the vehicle.
OBD II software read information such as:
Vehicle Speed; RPM; Fuel Level; Throttle Position; Mass Air Flow (MAF); Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP); Vehicle Identification Number (VIN); as well as all Engine Fault Codes.
Advantages of Integrating the OBD II stack:

» OBD II stack supports all physical layers – CAN, K-Line, ISO9141, PWM and VPW (J1850)
» Pre-tested software stack: OBD II stack has been tested for integration in both automotive control units and tooling applications
» This OBD II stack is designed to support all OBD modes
» Platform independent – OBD II stack can be integrated with Non-OS, RTOS, and Linux environments
» This automotive software stack has been pre-tested for integrations with multiple embedded platforms – Freescale, Renesas, PIC, Fujitsu and more.
» This stack has been designed to ensure reduction in time to market and development costs for the customers

OBD II Stack Design and Development Services:

Stack Development for automotive ECU and tooling applications

» Implementation of physical layers (CAN, J1850. K-Line and more) as per the project requirement
» Implementation of OBD modes and PID (Parameter IDs’) implementation
» OBD II stack Integration with automotive ECU application software
» Fault code memory implementation

Vehicle Data collection solutions

» Consulting workshops to understand the vehicle data collection requirements
» Complete design and functional audit of the existing/legacy system (if any)
» OBD II stack design and development services for data collection from on-road vehicles

Solution design for after-market automotive products

» OBD II stack integration, design and development services for after-market automotive products/solutions
» Support for access to vehicle parameters, data collection and processing
» Development, testing and maintenance support for Telematics, ADAS, Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, Driver Behavior Analysis