Infotainment Based Taxi Meter

These three little is words; affordable, accurate, and reliable describe our development goals with Infotainment based Taximeter. We wanted to bring a cost-effective, reliable, infotainment based taximeter to the worldwide taxi industry. The OBD-II interface places its accuracy on a par with that of any hardware meter utilizing CAN bus as the source of its vehicle speed sensor pulse.
   Touchscreen operation
   Realistic Appearance
   Automatic selection of geofenced tariffs based on your GPS location.
   OBD II interface
   Ticket/receipt printer
   Credit or prepaid card support.
   Seal the settings and/or tariffs with a password.
   Fraud control and prevention (on the part of the owner or operator), through the impression of control tickets or computer monitoring.
   Interaction with GPS systems to assist with dispatching and to provide security.