Corporate Transportation

VST Corporate transportation aims at providing 360° of total solutions in corporate functional requirements of a multinational companies.

Fleet management
Enrollment of vehiclest
Uploading driver management
Driver behavior analysis
Driver performance report
Route creation
Geo fencing
Recharge of corporate travel card
Self kiosk management
Panic button
GIS based mapping the demand & supply
Trip Scheduling
Employee Enrollment
Employee pass creation
Live tracking/updates of vehicles
Preparation of scheduled charts
Vacant seat management
Emergency Schedules
Employee ID proof
VST Smart Mobile App ( Android / ios ) Put ICON
A closed group mobile app for potential user to track and follow their buses/cabs in real time manner.
Current status & Availability of the vehicle
Trip details and schedule
Advance booking/ current booking
Time to reach the particular point
Time to reach the destination
User based schedules
Seat occupancy of the vehicle
Next schedule and next vehicle availability
Advance booking/ current booking

VST Management Module

Software module for fleet operator to schedule the trips and also place the various stops with starting and ending points in trips. Time management, fleet allocation for various trips, Driver allocation, etc. The dash board in the admin panel shall provide complete information on all real time data about each trip like number of passengers in the bus, ticket issued, amount collected with split-ups and mode of amount collected. Real time navigation of fleet in the map, etc.

We can manage the entire fleet operations more efficiently through on-line remote access to vehicle positions, number of passengers and make appropriate decisions using the MIS reports that support all levels of management in decision making.

Performance of the fleet has improved by monitoring adherence to schedule, route, missed trips, late trips on different routes, break downs and its duration, vehicles offline etc., improper stops , deviation in routes, speed violations, at different locations and at different points of time, invoicing , vendor payout.