Cloud Application Development

As the market throws up new challenges, automotive industry is undergoing drastic changes. There is heavy competition and new technological innovations are defining the new face of this sector. VST provides an integrated and well-rounded cloud infrastructure –complete from strategizing to migration –under one roof. We help in designing, creating economical cloud strategy and implementing a faultless cloud road map for optimal results.

Key Features

Data Exchange - Share vehicle and diagnostics data with other systems. Additional services can be added to allow for the development of modular and reusable services for integration.

Mobility Services - Applications for ride sharing and mobility services require geo-location services to monitor vehicles and fleets in real time. There may be additional components necessary to communicate with consumers, emergency vehicles, and intelligent highway terminals in the future. The automotive cloud can also track maintenance requirements, user interactions, and delivery status.

Automotive Cyber security - Safety is a major concern, and issues of vehicle location, data privacy and security often arise along with those concerning reliability.

Telematics-based commerce – The automated purchasing of replacement parts requires querying multiple vendors for the best price and availability. With Automotive Cloud Technology, the vehicles themselves will communicate the parts that must be replaced, thus requiring these parts to be machine coded – i.e. parts-specific codes suited for the vehicle.

Cloud Application Development
Advantages of Cloud Application Platforms:

vst mobility  Minimizing Complexity

vst mobility  Enhancing security

vst mobility  Boosting collaboration

vst mobility  Promoting sustainability

vst mobility  Helping to reduce costs

vst mobility  Improving vehicle safety