HMI/UI for Electric Vehicles

Today, vehicles are connecting with many software products and services, and the design of automotive human machine interfaces is becoming increasingly driver-focused. VST experts with niche expertise in automotive HMI who design UX/UI solutions that shorten driver response time, improve human-vehicle interaction, and deliver user experience augmented with mobile features drivers already use. We helped customers in the automotive industry develop futuristic visions and design solutions for the next generation HMIs.

The HMI of a connected vehicle head unit or infotainment may look no different than a consumer electronic device. Nevertheless, how the interface is connected to the vehicle, consumer and the OEM ecosystem is far more complex. VST works as an efficient, agile group that provides deep insights and structured processes with a streamlined approach. We can develop user interfaces faster and more effectively than traditional design groups. We can help automotive ecosystem partners in Digital Marketing activities such as media planning, integrated campaign strategy, promotion and engagement.

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Our HMI software development services
The goals of our human machine interface solution are to keep the driver’s attention on the road, reduce distractions, increase vehicle safety, comfort, and ease of use, and offer options for personalization.
vst mobility  Rear seat entertainment systems
  Developing software for rear seat entertainment systems that include navigation, audio, video, and in-car Internet
vst mobility  Head –up displays
  Designing applications for HUDs that augment the driving experience
vst mobility  UI for instrument clusters
  Adapting navigation software for instrument clusters
vst mobility  Integrated mobile and web navigation
  Building applications that integrate mobile and web navigation systems