IOT Services

The automotive industry is innately innovative. At both commercial and consumer levels, IoT applications open up entirely new opportunities for vehicles.

VST ensures successful implementation of end to end fleet management and vehicle health and telematics solutions by addressing each part of a typical use case scenario –in-vehicle data collection with embedded applications, in cloud data management, and user analytics. With its elastic, enterprise-grade scalability, VST can be applied to monitor and manage an unlimited number of vehicles in real time:

Real-time vehicle health monitoring Real-time vehicle health monitoring
Maintain history analytics Maintain history analytics
Smart alerts and notifications Smart alerts and notifications
Automated maintenance scheduling Automated maintenance scheduling
Fault detection, A/B testing for vehicle prototypes Fault detection, A/B testing for vehicle prototypes
Application Areas
Fleet Management
Vehicle Location Tracking  Vehicle Location Tracking
Usage Scheduling  Usage Scheduling
Fuel Tracking  Fuel Tracking
Driver and Workload Management  Driver and Workload Management
Leased Vehicle Management  Leased Vehicle Management
Leased Vehicle Management

VST translates the predictive maintenance concept into a highly practical and straightforward solution that integrates with your vehicle’s sensors, hardware modules, data transmitters, and control units, and allows you tracking their performance, health, and damage factors.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
Turn-by-turn Navigation  Turn-by-turn Navigation
Traffic Jam Alerting  Traffic Jam Alerting
News and Local Weather  News and Local Weather
Location-based Advertising  Location-based Advertising
vst mobility  Entertainment
Music and Video Streaming  Music and Video Streaming
Cloud services for vehicles
Smart Home / Smart Office Integration
  Car-on-Demand Solutions
  GPS-enabled Augmented Reality
  Self-driving and Semi-autonomous Vehicle Navigation
  Vehicle Connection in the Cloud
Vehicle Connection in the Cloud