Account Based Ticketing

Account Based Ticketing  This is a payment model which works prepaid through an account defined to the system by the user. The user opens an account in the system using credit card and also, defines the payment instrument to be used in public transportation to the system.

Account Based Ticketing  Passengers can take advantage of public transportation smoothly, without having insufficient balance problems, by connecting an NFC supported smart phone, NFC tag/sticker, or a contact less smart card to that account.

Account Based Ticketing  The system which supports flat, distance based, intermodal, concessionary etc. faring models can also work off-line.

Account Based Ticketing  VST offers the right solution for breaking down barriers of access to public transportation through Account Based Ticketing.

Account Based Ticketing  In Account-based ticketing systems, all the data and fare logic are exclusively stored in the back office system. Each customer card has a unique account linked to it, in which the current balance and associated products are stored. The cards themselves are only used for clear identification of the user account.

Account Based Ticketing  The passengers no need to buy a ticket to travel and instead they use NFC supported smart phone, NFC tag/sticker, or a contact less smart card. Account Based Ticketing allows transport providers to move to an ‘open loop’ system and away from the cost of issuing physical ticket media and the cost of handling cash.

Benefits of using Account based Ticketing

  Reducing the cost of fair collection

  Improving the customer experience

  Improving flexibility

  Travel made extremely easy and the system automatically calculates the best price