Indoor and Outdoor Parking Solutions

VST Mobilit  Finding and managing parking is a serious problem for cities across the country, authorities as well as for the government in India.VST offers intelligent parking guidance systems with single space detection for indoor and outdoor use. Intelligent car parking system is more cost effective and user friendly than the already existing systems.

VST Mobilit  VST offers innovative sensor technology for counting and single space detection of vehicles in indoor and outdoor areas. The intelligent car parking system can detect the car when parked in the parking lot through the use of sensors and communicate with a server to display the result on the webpage and board sign section that are placed between car park sections and is user-friendly to enhance the convenience of car parking.

VST Mobility

Advantages for customers:

  No need to search for available parking spaces

  No need to walk through the parking garage

 Consistent parking experience

  Your car is parked safe and secure (no worry about theft / damage)

 Ease of use for customers in terms of parking and payment

Advantages for municipalities / Property owners:

  Space efficiency

  Environmental friendliness

 Increases public safety (Less opportunity for theft, accidents, assault)

  Enhances parking revenue

VST Mobility